September 4, 2016

Perfection is a Direction, Not a Destination

We tend to think of perfection as a destination, a place where we can progress no further, where we have no flaws, or no blemishes. I believe that God simply sees perfection as a direction.

Yeah, come unto Christ and be perfected in him...(Moroni 10:32)
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life...(John 14:6)

The more I understand The Sacrament, the more I realize the power of the atonement. The more I understand the power of the atonement the less I fear making a mistake. The less I fear making a mistake the less tempted I am to do what I know is wrong. The less tempted I am to do what is wrong the more I want to do what is right.

Continuing down the path you choose will either take you where you want to go, or it will not. We all know that perfection is what will make us happy, but sometimes we feel helpless and hopeless because we think it is so far out of reach that we will never be able to attain it. Without hope we become miserable and we see perfection as a curse, as something we don't want to attain, because it is simply too hard.

Once we begin to understand the atonement, we can realize that attaining perfection is merely changing the path we are on, because perfection is not a destination which we can never reach, because it is always just around the next bend, over the next hill, or across the next stream that seems to get bigger and bigger. Perfection is simply heading in the right direction. "Come follow me, the Savior said. Then let us in his footsteps tread. For thus alone and we be one, with God's own loved begotten son." ( )

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